With Tough Pot Laws, Florida Criminals Know How to Pose

Happy Mug-Shot Monday! Today we're focusing on citizens arrested for marijuana charges. Florida has some of the most stringent marijuana laws, so we wanted to see how alleged pot lovers look in front of the gray wall. Hint: One looks like Jesus.

These mug shots are courtesy of both the BSO and PBSO.

Name: Gregory Buckholtz
Offense: Possession of Cannabis Less Than 20 Grams, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Author's Note: That is one happy man.

Name: Jesus Moya

Offense: Marijuana Possession - Not More Than 20 Grams
Author's Note: Seriously, this guy's beard gives him an uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ. 

Name: Alexis Contrerasrivera
Offense: Drive While License Suspended - Second Offense, Possession of Cannabis Less Than 20 Grams
Author's Note: A girl could get lost in his hair.

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