Witness for the Intimidation

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It doesn't hurt either that Wade and Mayor Brown are longtime political foes. When Wade left, I asked Lozman what he does for a living. He sketched it out. Basically, the guy was a software and financial whiz kid who went up to Chicago, set up his own businesses, and made some serious coin in the financial markets.

"Fair to say you're a multimillionaire?" I asked.

He nodded. Then he told me that he was certain that if Wade and I weren't there, he'd have been put in jail. And he repeated his belief that Carter is only doing the bidding of City Hall.

"They're intimidating a plaintiff, point-blank," he said, referring to his lawsuit against the city.

I asked Carter about that. He said he's spoken to just about everyone at City Hall about Lozman, who has become famous quickly in Riviera Beach.

"I'll talk to the mayor about him occasionally, and he'll say, 'How's my friend Mr. Lozman doing?'" said Carter, who's actually quite personable when he's not trying to have someone arrested. "But the mayor has never said, 'Can you get him for me?' Absolutely not. He knows better than that."

Lozman knows how to push buttons — on people and entire towns — but he swore he didn't seek out this controversy.

"I came here because it was the only place I could put my fucking boat," he said. "I pay $1,200 a month. What about these mom-and-pop people who live here? They're going to turn this place into a giant megayacht marina for only the richest people. So I could have either thrown up my hands or fight a rotten group of corrupt assholes."

He chose to fight. I told him it was an interesting couple of hours I'd spent in the middle of it with him.

"Welcome to my life," he said, a smile barely forming on his lips.

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