Woman Attacks Coworker for Changing Radio Station, Cops Say

An employee working at the Supreme Auto automotive shop in Naples didn't like the music that was being played on the radio, so he went over to turn the dial.

However, his coworker wasn't too fired up about that idea and expressed her disappointment in the man's decision to change the station from the music she was listening to.

And by "expressed her disappointment in the man's decision to change the station from the music she was listening to," we mean she grabbed a bottle filled with an unknown substance, sprayed him in the face with it, and then called him a racist skinhead.

Jeannene E. Kelly, 51, was arrested Tuesday afternoon for attacking her coworker after the two had a dispute about the music being played on the radio.

According to police, Kelly, and her unidentified male coworker began to fight around 3:45 in the afternoon when the man changed the station on the store radio.

Kelly allegedly became so irate when the man changed the dial, she began to yell at him and called him a "racist skinhead," according to the police report.

She then grabbed a bottle of some kind of purple fluid from her desk and sprayed him in the face and eyes.

No word on whether the coworker is actually a racist skinhead or if that's just a random insult Kelly lets out every time she gets mad at someone.

Also no word on what exactly the purple stuff she sprayed on him was.

The incident happened at the Supreme Auto on 938 Fourth Ave. N. in Naples.

Kelly is facing a misdemeanor charge of battery.

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