Woman Beats Up Boyfriend for Bad Oral Sex

The hell is the matter with the women of Manatee County? Or, actually, more to the point... the men?

It was a little over a month ago that we saw a Manatee County woman beat the crap out of her boyfriend after he failed to satisfy her sexually.

And now, another Manatee County woman has been arrested after she beat up her boyfriend after he failed to please her via the act of cunnilingus.

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Woman Beats Up Her Boyfriend After He Fails to Satisfy Her Sexually

Jennie Scott, 50, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge after allegedly beating up her boyfriend, Jilberto Deleon, 32.

According to Manatee County Police, the incident occurred just after 11 p.m. December 27. Cops were called to Deleon's home by witnesses who heard the couple arguing and fighting.

According to what she told police, Scott and Deleon had been giving each other "oral pleasure in the bedroom."

But then Deleon, apparently not knowing the unwritten rules of these things, decided he was done giving when he was finished getting.

This did not sit well with Scott.

So she grabbed a stick and allegedly began hitting Deleon with it.

She also reportedly planned on beating him up with a wrench next, but a witness intervened.

Another report says that Scott was also upset over apparently hearing Deleon, her boyfriend of five years, having sex with another woman over the phone.

Deputies also described Scott as "extremely intoxicated." So that also might have had something to do with this.

But, more to the point, dudes in Manatee County need to start stepping up their game. Lest they want a wrench to the face from their woman.

How Scott was able to hear her boyfriend having sex over the phone, and how she managed grab a random stick in the bedroom to beat him with, and how a witness was able to stop her from hitting him with a wrench is not fully known.

It's hard to imagine that such things actually happen in Manatee County.

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