This is a bobcat.
This is a bobcat.

Woman Tries to Save Injured Bobcat, Ignores Authorities, Gets It Euthanized

A Hillsborough County woman called authorities yesterday when she found an injured bobcat on Route 301 in Riverview, outside of Tampa. It was hit by a car but wasn't seriously injured, according to WTSP.

One thing led to another, and now it's going to die.

When she called, authorities told her not to go near the animal. So, logically, she grabbed a towel and tried to trap the thing.

Bobcats are notorious for their totally rational responses to towel trapping, and this particular one reacted by biting the woman. Hillsborough Animal Services eventually arrived and got the animal, which, from how it sounds, would have been fine. Except it bit somebody, so now they have to kill it and test it for rabies. Way to go.

Though the Animal Services website said the office is open until 6 p.m., there was no answer for comment about 5:20 yesterday; there was likewise no answer at the county public information line. An automated answering system said to "please hold for an operator" and then automatically hung up.


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