Woman Uses Cat as Weapon Against Cops Trying to Arrest Her

Lisa Frink allegedly cut her boyfriend with a pair of knives because he didn't want to give her his government assistance card to buy food.

The cops were called in to quell the domestic disturbance. But when they tried to arrest Frink, she went into full defense mode.

She did everything she could to avoid being hauled away.

She hid inside a shed.

She swung a cement trowel in the air.

And she threw her cat at the police.

It took several cops and two K-9s to subdue the 45-year-old Frink, and it wasn't easy.

According to police, Frink and her boyfriend of six years got into a heated argument about the government assist card in their Orlando home on Danton Avenue.

When things escalated, Frink allegedly grabbed two kitchen knives and began to swing them wildly at her boyfriend. The knives sliced the victim in the face and neck. When the cops arrived, they noticed that the man had deep lacerations and was bleeding profusely.

The boyfriend told police afterwards that she had stopped taking her medication.

After cops arrived, Frink reportedly ran from them and hid inside a shed in the 4500 block of Olivia Street.

Police demanded her to surrender, but she refused.

That's when they sent in two K-9s to go get her.

Frink was apparently hiding under a sheet inside the shed. As one of the dogs went in to bite her, she allegedly then grabbed a stray cat hanging out inside the shed, and threw it at the dog's face.

The cat latched onto the K-9's snout with its claws.

With Frink's cat weapon no longer a threat to the cops, they moved in and tried to grab her.

But Frink, who was proving to be a master at turning random things into deadly weapons, then grabbed a concrete trowel -- those things construction workers use to smooth out wet cement -- and began to swing it in the air. The trowel hit one officer in the head, according to the police report.

The K-9 without a cat on its face then moved in and bit Frink, and brought the woman down onto the ground.

Cops swarmed in and tried to place handcuffs on Frink, but she was still able to fight them off. Police had to eventually spray Frink in the face with a chemical agent to finally subdue her.

Frink was hauled into the Orange County Jail. She is charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery, and battery of a law-enforcement officer with a deadly weapon (with a trowel), injuring a police dog (with a cat) and five counts of resisting arrest.

She is being held without bond at the Orange County Jail.

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