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Workplace Romance Leaves E-mail Trail

When the City of West Palm Beach recently fired four employees for alleged misuse of public resources, they accused public utilities operations coordinator Larry J. Brown of using a city car for romantic interludes with a female city employee. They also unearthed emails between Brown and the woman, Patrice Robinson, who has since quit. How do we know about these emails? Well, since Brown and Robinson were public employees, their interoffice emails are subject to full disclosure under Florida's public records laws. Here are some excerpts from the "love notes" in raw form:

  • Robinson: Are you not impressed with me anymore?
  • Brown: I'm not sure if you want me, or is you still impress with me? 
  • Robinson: You can rest assure that I still want you and no one else. I just want you to open up and let me know what is going on. You make me feel that you don't want me.
  • Brown: you'll telling a damn lie with that one

Brown, by the way, had worked for the city since 1982 and was pulling an annual salary approaching $70,000 before he got fired.

Follow the jump for more email voyeurism.

I recommend listening to the above Al Green tune as you read on.

  • Brown: Are you still my baby, my love, my heart, my women !
  • Robinson: If you still want me to be all of those things I will be. I thought for a minute I may have been replaced.
  • Brown: If, that what you want, is to be replace that's fine I I just have to be sad again not that you still care anymore
  • Robinson: I never said that's what I wanted. I said that I thought I had been replaced. I never said that I didn't or would not care, I will always care, so there is no need to be sad!!! I just thought that I may not have been able to bring you any kind of happiness in your life.
  • Brown: The first thing is you have always brought me happiness in the short time we have spent together (6 month's) it's just some time i feel you just don't respect my feeling I have for you, I mean I can go do this and I can go that for you and feel good about doing it, and I do love you that why I do it. But still I feel that you don't respect as your man the key word is MAN it's same like everyone can put a smile on your face just not me so sometime I feel left out that's why I talk the way I do to you cause I feel left out a lot. Monday was a bad day the one person I thought I can depend on was you but I guess I took it the wrong way. Thanks. p.s. I Love You
  • Robinson: First of all as of tomorrow it will be 8 months not 6. As far as Monday is concerned, I called you back and you kept saying that it was okay. I have explained to you that I will do anything for you within my power I am one you can always depend on. Monday was a very hectic day for me from sun up to sun down, yet I still just wanted to make sure you were OK. YOU are the only one who can bring a certain kind of smile to my face, because when YOU make me smile YOU make my heart smile as well. Only YOU hold the key. P.S. I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!
  • Brown: I'm not satisfied doing what everyone else is doing to you, any body can put a common smile on a face. I'm Larry the name say's it all, if it don't it should. I don't hold any key to anything just to plain old me
  • Robinson: Can you please call me? I need a favor from you. My lights was turned off today and I thought I had until Friday. I have to pay $537.90 that is included my bill + a turn off fee of $90. I have $200 today but I need to know if you could loan me some money and I will pay you back on Friday morning. Can you please let me know what you can do? Thanks.
  • Brown: I won't have anything until Friday my sweet baby      


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