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World's Most Boring Bank Robber Suspect on the Loose in PBC

Those are four photos of the man who the Palm Beach Sheriff's Sheriff's Office believes is behind a string of bank robberies. They've got a description match on at least eight of them, starting in May with most recent one last Friday, when he must have forgotten to wear his patented cap. From the PBSO release:

In each incident the suspect ordered the teller to hand him money from the drawer. No weapon has been seen.
I can sympathize with bank tellers who have had an encounter with this guy -- and maybe there's some rule whereby tellers are told to cooperate with an apparent thief no matter what. But at some point, don't you call the guy's bluff? Who's to say he's not some crazy dude who thinks that when you need money you go to the bank and ask for what's in the drawer? After all, that system's been working for him so far.

PBSO is asking anyone with information on this suspect to call 1-800-458-TIPS.

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