Would-Be Palm Beach Media Mogul Charged With DUI

The lady to your left is Jill Mary Duggan. I'm including her middle name so subsequent Google searches of "Jill (No Middle Name) Duggan" don't snag upon this story, which will reveal that Duggan has just been arrested on a charge of DUI in Palm Beach County.

And why does that matter? Because Jill Mary Duggan is doing something that few mortals dare attempt, in this post-paper year of 2011: She is publishing her own magazine.

I'm not gonna write the full name of the magazine -- again, it oughtn't be Googleable, lest the advertisers get scared off -- but it's got a three-word title, the first two words of which are Palm Beach and the third of which is Woman. According to PBW's Facebook page, its mission is to "deliver targeted, thought provoking, entertaining content that women in Palm Beach want and need. The magazine is an easy read, loaded with tips and inspiration to help us create the life we want. We'll learn from the best -- and from it, we can be our best."

(Inspirational tip for Duggan: "The best" is probably a "them," not an "it," which is an important distinction in the publishing biz. Also: Stop getting arrested.)

A look over Duggan's website suggests that PBW's first cover story will be a profile of Michelle Bernstein, the James Beard Award-winning chef who serves arguably the most delicious haute cuisine in South Floirda. (It's been two years since I've eaten Bernstein's foie gras with cinnamon apples and mini crepes, and I still occasionally dream about the stuff.) If Duggan has been researching her cover subject with the intensity she demands, it's entirely possible that her DUI is the tragic result of an overdeveloped journalistic work ethic.

If so, Duggan should quit hitting the bot books quite so hard. Investors love to see commitment. They're less impressed with imprisonment.

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