Wrestler Kevin "Diesel" Nash Arrested for Domestic Battery in Volusia County
Mike Kalasnik via Wikipedia Commons

Wrestler Kevin "Diesel" Nash Arrested for Domestic Battery in Volusia County

Former professional wrestler Kevin Nash, AKA "Diesel," spent a portion of his Christmas in jail this year after he and his son apparently had a little unsanctioned WWE action in their Volusia County home on Christmas Eve. Nash, 55, and the 18-year-old Tristen both caught domestic-battery charges after the family squabble.

The son of the 6-foot-11-inch, 280-pound WWE legend told deputies his father held him down by placing pressure on his chest, and he had trouble breathing; but that's not exactly how the rest of the family described to officers how things went down.

Nash told deputies his son came home drunk on Jack Daniel's whiskey and the two scuffled after his son spit in his face. An uncle who witnessed the melee says the drunken teen "slung his mom around the kitchen," then swung his fist at him as well.

Nash's son stated in the report that the argument stemmed from his father being upset about Tristen's drinking and "relationship issues with his girlfriend." He stated "Diesel" grabbed his throat and shoulder and pushed him down, causing him to hit the back of his head and momentarily black out.

Nash has not regularly appeared in the ring for the WWE since 2004 but under a "legends contract" makes multiple annual appearances during select shows. WWE issued a statement saying Kevin Nash will be suspended until the domestic charge is resolved.

Nash took to Twitter to express his gratitude toward the police department for his treatment while in custody and his swirling emotions following a hectic night.


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