WSJ: Visit Exotic, Sunny... Lake Worth?

So you're a Wall Street Journal subscriber. You're stinging from the horrible depression, but you're smart. You'll recover. You'll figure out a way to get the kids to college. In the meantime, you want to vacation. You want to go somewhere fun. Somewhere bright--where you'll be far from the falling markets and freezing rain.

You open the WSJ to the Life & Style section looking for ideas. And then there it is. "Off the beaten track," it says...not that tracks are often beaten. But still, the wise travel reporters at the WSJ would know the best places to take your family, wouldn't they?

Well, judging by their choice of Lake Worth, the answer is no. The first thing the reporter suggests you do once you've arrived in beautiful pretty tolerable well-lit handsome Lake Worth is, of course, go for a dip in the municipal pool. Because you know what kicks off a good vacation? Swimming in the urine of children.

More suggestions after the jump. 

Kid piss not your thing? Some more ideas: visiting the casino you can't gamble in, walking on a closed pier, and going to see a play. Also, you should eat at Dave's Last Resort, where the owners will be glad to hear this reporter thought the food was "surprisingly good."

That is not the biggest oversight. Somehow, the reporter forgot to mention the 1981 film, Body Heat, much of which was filmed in Lake Worth. Feathering one's hair, donning a too-small T-shirt and walking in the steps of Mickey Rourke: Now there's a vacation worth taking.

Take it, Mickey. 

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