Wyman Going All Norman On Ritter

I'm on deadline and going to be giving some kind of talk about blogging this morning at Broward Community College's "journalism bootcamp," so I have little time for the Pulp. 

So I'll link you to Scott Wyman's latest on Broward Mayor Stacy Ritter. It's a good one. Basically he found that she'd voted on a bill while she was in the legislature that benefited another of her husband's lobbying clients. Russ also happens to own a 63-foot yacht with the client, Mark Ginsburg. It's not clear if this is the same boat that Klenet moored with his crooked friends at Mutual Benefits.

But this follows exactly the same pattern as the Mutual Benefits stuff. Great work by Scott. Wyman has always been a good reporter, but he's never been much for muckraking. In fact, I've never seen him get this aggressive on a public official. He's going at Ritter like, well, like me. And you know, it looks good on him. It really doesn't wear very well on Ritter, though. 

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