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Yes, But He LOOKS Like A Doctor

This Broward-based fellow, Marc Goulet, billed himself as a physician and ran six medical clinics in five counties. Problem is that he doesn't have a license, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office (as reported by the Miami Herald).

I did a little quick Internet digging on the guy and found out that Goulet, who had a small radio show where he hyped his Goulet Anti-Aging Institute and Foundation and his British Diagnostic Institute, did a column for publication called Boomer's Times (his picture looks a lot better there doesn't it?). While the quickie Herald story focused on his specialty in sexual dysfunction, he also was into neuropathy, pain relief, and sleep disorders.

But if you believe the dude, which you shouldn't, he's responsible for more hard-ons than Jenna Jameson. In the magazine he hypes a "1 Hour Erection in Five Minutes!" and something called the "Push-Button Erection System." Unfortunately, his web site,, appears to be defunct.

After the jump: Meanwhile, Over At the Sun-Sentinel ...

The lead story on Sentinel's web site is about Anna Nicole Smith. Now, there was no problem with the local papers prominently covering Smith when the Broward Courthouse was ground zero in the dispute, but this is an AP story from Los Angeles and it's about Larry Birkhead demanding a sample of Howard K. Stern's sperm.

Hey Sentinel. Stop it.

(But come to think of it, maybe Dr. Goulet can be of service in this situation.)

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