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Yorvit Torrealba, Hero of Rockies Playoff Victory, Tells of Son's Kidnapping

Yorbit Torrealba, the Rockies catcher who lives in Hollywood during the offseason, hit the two-run homer yesterday to cement his team's against the defending World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies. But Torrealba had been feeling lucky long before he connected on that Cole Hamels pitch. From Sports Illustrated:

"When I wake up every morning," Torrealba said, "I say 'Thank God.' "

Torrealba's son, Yorvit Jr., and two of the boy's uncles were in the hands of kidnappers for nearly two days in Venezuela in June after they were taken at gunpoint while Yorvit Jr. was on his way to school. 

The kidnappers originally requested $500,000. However, after some negotiation, the price came down to $50,000. The police were bringing the $50,000 to a drop-off location in Caracas when the kidnappers let the boy and his uncles go. Yorvit Jr. was found later on a street corner in Caracas. Two sleepless days after his boy was abducted, Torrealba's world was returned to order.

Speaking of the ordeal, Torrealba said, "It's definitely something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

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