You Know You're From Lake Worth When...

The rainy season is upon us, and snowbirds are fleeing fast. To honor the hard-working natives who slog through the summer to make South Florida great, the Pulp is compiling jokes about them. Feel free to add your own.

First up, you know you're from Lake Worth when...

10. The first person you talk to in the morning is the homeless guy who sleeps in the Cultural Plaza downtown.

9. Your city commissioner runs a shop that sells dildos.

8. You look down on anyone who has fewer than four tattoos.

7. Justin Bieber earns the wrath of your favorite barkeep.

6. Once a year, you walk outside to find people painting with chalk in the streets.

5. When you complain about "bridge traffic," you mean the assholes from Palm Beach.

4. Your Sunday routine includes both church and a drag show.

3. You buy your hot dogs from a food truck that reminds you of a school bus.

2. Your electric bill is a nightmare of creative accounting.

1. You're still here in August.

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