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Young Girl in Pigtails Robs Two Wilton Manors Businesses

It's the old trick-'em-with-candy-and-steal-their-iPhone routine, a favorite among delinquent children and young girls in pigtails. And it happened twice last week in Wilton Manors.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, police are looking for two underaged perps who burglarized two separate businesses at gunpoint candypoint.

A boy and girl, "including one in pigtails,"walked into U.S.A. Auto Care Plus at 2630 N. Dixie Highway pretending to sell candy, but walked out with a white iPhone 4s that was left unattended by one of the store's employees.

At the time, Maria Parodi says that she was helping in the garage and never saw the two children, who are believed to be between the ages of 13 and 16, walk in.

"It's sad," she tells reporters. "I take responsibility myself. I think as adults, we're neglecting our children. I think we have to pay more attention to what's going on."

Less than an hour later, the Butterfinger Bandits were at it again.

Presumably, the pair asked Suri for directions to the closest dentist, which led them to 21st Century Dental office, less than a mile from U.S.A. Auto Care Plus.

Video surveillance shows the girl crawling through an unattended window near the reception desk and unlocking the door leading into the office. A few minutes later, both thieves took off with a laptop.

"When you get video of it and there's a little girl with pigtails... it's compelling when people see it on TV," Wilton Manors Police Sgt. Christopher Chadwick tells the Sentinel. "It's like, you're kidding me?"

Seriously? Pigtails? C'mon!

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