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Your Daily Pulp Named Top Newspaper Blog in Florida

The Florida Press Club gave its first-place blog award to the Daily Pulp in a competition open to every newspaper in the state. Coming in a surprise second was Sun-Sentinel cartoonist Chan Lowe's blog, followed by the Pulp's sister blog, The Juice, run by Thomas Francis, which scored a third-place finish.

Lucky you. Think of all those other sorry readers who can't say the blogs they read won a press award. They must feel like total losers today! My only misgiving is that I don't think the St. Petersburg Times entered anything in the competition, so that's a duel (the Buzz is who I'm looking at) left for another day.

Not that it means much; the newspaper industry is still dying, and awards at this time ring hollow. But just for the record, here's a list of all the award winners. My newspaper won several (shoutout to first-place winners Michael Mooney and Brandon K. Thorp), but I'm pissed because they put all of our nonblog entries in the lowest category -- out there with the Marco Eagles and the East Orlando Suns and the Business Journals. The last time they did this a few years ago, we refused to accept our awards (yeah, we're arrogant like that). Now they've gone off and done it again. We've been judged over the years in Category A, where we belong, all the way down to D. It's an issue that needs to be ironed out beforehand.  

Of other local note, the Sun-Sentinel's Jennifer Gollan won first place for government reporting, the Palm Beach Post took first for breaking news (see comments for explanation), the Miami Herald's Elaine Walker took first in business writing, and the Sentinel took second in investigative reporting for it's stuff on Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp's travel.

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