Your Government At Work

This medicated picture kills me. I got it via Smashed Frog, which is apparently aligned with Democratic state house candidate Martin Kiar. Also there was this quote from conservative Christian James Dobson, of the rabidly right-wing Focus On The Family, on the Mark Foley scandal:

"As it turns out, Mr. Foley has had illicit sex with no one that we know of, and the whole thing turned out to be what some people are now saying was a -- sort of a joke by the boy and some of the other pages."

How forgiving these God jocks get things intersect with their own political interests. Somebody's got to raid that man's temple and turn over some tables.

Also, check out this satire by Steve Klotz on Foley and the Girardi firing by the Marlins (yeah he connected the two, hilariously). Been meaning to link it for almost a week now.

Finally, check out Barry Epstein's radio show on Friday morning at 10 a.m. We'll be talking about the Hollywood Sludge scandal. I'm going to go off on Dan Abbott, I'm afraid. Listen on 1470-AM or here on the web.

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