Your Super Tuesday Republican Nominee Parcheesi Game

​There are still four contenders for the Republican presidential nomination, all desperately trying to pander to voters by crusading for relief from women, gays, minorities, the poor, immigrants, atheists, government workers, and anyone who believes in scientific discoveries made after the 17th Century.

It can be hard to decide whom to vote for among Rick "Protestants Aren't Christians" Santorum, Newt "Moon Base" Gingrich, Mitt "$$$$$" Romney, and Ron "Ron Paul" Paul, but...

... Alex Izaguirre, the Pulp's graphic wizard and executive maker of arty things, has developed an aid for those Super Tuesday voters who are still stumped. 

It's also handy for any families whose children enjoy games that combine colorful designs with old white men possessing Religious Conviction and Private Sector Experience, so just click on the image below for a printable (and totally free!) board game to see who makes it to the White House. Be warned, though -- the only way for the country to win is if nobody plays.

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