Yuck! Peeping Tom Arrested in Deerfield Beach

A 27-year-old man from Deerfield Beach is suspected of using razor blades to cut through screens, then spying on women as they undressed "while sexually gratifying himself," according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Deputies responded to a call on Monday night from a 37-year-old woman who lives on NW 49th Street and said that someone had been trying to break into her rear patio door. They found a white GMC van with an open pack of razor blades. The owner said he'd loaned it to Roney Silva. Detectives found Silva, then brought him in for questioning.

That's when it got ultra-creepy.

Seems that Silva admitted to cutting the screen door of the same woman's door one month ago and to have also spied on a couple of sisters, age 10 and 16, in August. From the BSO release:

Silva admitted to leaving behind two pornographic DVD's that he hoped the girls would watch then become sexually stimulated.

How very generous of him. Just... yuck! And BSO investigators believe there are more victims. If you've had your screen sliced and a mysterious white van in your neighborhood, you might want to contact detectives, whose info is in the BSO press release.

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