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Yunel Escobar, the Marlins' New Shortstop, Was Recently Suspended for Gay Slur

Well, this seems rather fitting.

The owner of the Marlins, known for insulting the South Florida community by lying and then gutting the ball club, just traded for a guy who is known for insulting the gay community.

It's like assholes just gravitate to each other.

Yunel Escobar, Miami's new shortstop, whom the Marlins got for Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle and Emilio Bonafacio, once wore eyeblack patches that read "Tu Ere Maricon" ("You Are Faggot").

Escobar was suspended three games without pay for the incident. He then apologized and used the ol' I have gay friends! routine.

He also justified the incident by saying that maricon is a meaningless word for Latin ballplayers and that it was just a joke that wasn't meant to be a derogatory message.

Meaningless. You know, like  "that's so gay" or "retard." Same diff!

The incident happened this past September, when a Toronto Bluejays fan noticed the eye black, took a snapshot of it, and then tweeted it.

Escobar, who doesn't speak English, expressed his "embarrassment" in a presser via a translator:

"I don't have anything against homosexuals. I have friends who are gay. In reality, I'd like to ask for [forgiveness from] anyone offended by this. Honestly, I'm going to be going forward with the three-game suspension that's coming forward. The salary for those three days will be donated to You Can Play."

Cyd Zeigler Jr. of Outsports wasn't happy about Escobar getting just a three-game suspension as punishment.

I'm not happy with just three games. A least one sports commentator in Toronto wanted him suspended for the rest of the season. A suspension is important -- the only way to get to these guys is with playing time. The education can be great and super important if done effectively. I'm just not satisfied with seeing him back on the playing field on Friday.

So there you have it, Marlins fans. Your brand new short stop who was traded for Jose Reyes is a homophobe who thinks it's funny to have the words tu ere maricon on his face.

For those two or three Marlins fans who do plan on attending games next year, you may want to go while wearing your own eye black with a welcome message for Escobar.

You know, something like: "TU ERE COMEMIERDA."

Something like that.

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