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Yvonne Carey Speaks

Bad customer reviews are disappearing from the Amazon page for the book Miami Psychic like cursed benjamins at a fortune-teller's shop. Several that revealed author Regina Milbourne's true identity, Gina Marie Marks, have been axed (if you haven't followed the Miami Psychic thing, click here to catch up). But a glowing, five-star review of Marks' -- er, Milbourne's -- talent was recently posted on the site. And it's from Yvonne Carey, co-author of Miami Psychic and "special correspondent" in Weston for the Sun-Sentinel. Carey has ignored my efforts to talk to her about the book, which is so full of falsehoods and misinterpretations that it should be filed in the Fiction category:

Reviewer: Yvonne Carey (FLORIDA) - See all my reviews

It has come to the attention of those involved in the writing and publishing of the book, entitled Miami Psychic, that person(s) maliciously and willfully may have broken the rules of conduct for reviewers under the "review" prompt for the book Miami Psychic.

Amazon is clear that "Visitors may post reviews, comments, and other content;

SO LONG AS the content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, invasive of privacy, infringing of intellectual property rights, or otherwise injurious to third parties"

But now, there has been a potential Tortious Interference.

Simply put, the "reviewer"s admission of using the review prompt to discredit the author and the book, were intentionally damaging the co-author's contractual or other business relationships, AND disrupting the ability of the author to perform her obligations under the contract.

Amazon is not a blog in which to vent your personal vendetta. It is an online retail store.

However, Regina Milbourne warned of a backlash from the gypsy culture, skeptics, and religious right-wing conservatives.

That this book is a controversial and thought-provoking book is a given. What part of the book denied her gypsy background and psychic career corruption? None.

Ironically, is seems that the "reviewer's" inability to comprehend the material has turned them into a potential tortfeasor.

Nevertheless, Miami Psychic is based on the career of a gypsy psychic and adheres to the facts as the author recalls regarding the characters, activities and the magic.

Regina Milbourne's actual and impressive psychic abilities continue to surprise her satisfied clients and business partners, with predictions coming to pass even through this chaotic time.

My God, it can't be true. Potential tortfeasors popping up on Amazon? Good thing she'd interfering with these tortious interferers. The funny thing is that, in the middle of her defense of the book, Carey confirms that one of Milbourne's central promises in the text -- that she would stop using her God-given ability of clairvoyance on "clients" -- is a lie.

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