New Times Broward-Palm Beach's Street Team

  • Amadeus McCaskill

    Miami, FL

    Photography, people watching, lurking

    I have so many "favorites", it's crazy. Right now: Com Truise, Matthew Dear, Dabrye, Freddy Gibbs, Guilty Simpson.. I'll stop it there.

    If it's JUST dinner, then probably President Obama.. If it's dinner and a movie, then DEFINITELY Robin Williams.

  • Andrea Morales

    Miami, FL

    Netflix & QuizUp

    The Shins

    Chet Baker

  • Charles Amat

    Miami, Fl

    Video game development, running, and riding my motorcycle

    Trampled by Turtles, Relient K, John Mayer, Jack Johnson

    Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs, and Jesus

  • Emilly Mayorga

    Newark, NJ

    Dance, Model, Song writer


    Lao Tzu :)

  • Janet Sanchez


    Playing Basketball, love traveling, and helping people.

    Common, The airborntoxic event, Bush, Wutang Clan, but I like a lot of different type of music.

    Jesus and Audrey Hepburn

  • Jeannie Gallor Sans, aka Jeannie Galore

    Queens, New York

    Listening to music, dancing, art, exploring new things, especially when it has to do with culture, music, art, film, food, outdoorsy things, etc. I love mingling, and meeting new people.

    I love so many!!! I love from the Beatles to M.J., Elvis, Staind, Adele, JLo, Nas, Spanish artists, and my list can go on and on... Music just moves me, and in almost any genre.

    I would want to have lunch with Elvis Presley on the scene of his 1961 movie, 'Blue Hawaii.' Don't ask me why, but this has been my answer since I was 5. I fell in love when I saw him in that movie for the first time.

  • Nadia Rivas

    Valencia, Venezuela

    Traveling and photography


    Paolo Cohelo

  • Nathalie C. Batista

    Miami, FL

    Travelling the world; adventuring/being outdoors; running and earning all the medals; eating all the foods (hence the running); reading mystery/thriller/fiction books, riding motorcycles, speaking Spanglish

    Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, Arctic Monkeys, just to name a few

    Seth Rogan. He seems so buena gente, and I really appreciate his involvement with the Alzheimer's Association through Hilarity for Charity. My abuela has the disease, so it means a lot that he's speaking up on it!

  • Olivia Sanchez

    Miami, FL

    Listening to Podcasts, drinking beer, photography, kayaking, and any adventures!

    Young The Giant

    I would definitely have dinner with Robin Williams because I know he'd make me laugh the entire time with his antics!

  • Pedro Sanchez-Munoz

    Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

    I love playing paintball or any sport in general. Hanging out with close friends and family is a big staple hobby.

    Dash Berlin

    I can't pick one, so I'll pick two: Matt Damon and Robin Williams

  • Ryan Morales

    Miami Beach, FL

    Longboarding and Traveling

    The Mars Volta

    Ernest Hemingway, Nikolai Tesla, and Leonardo DaVinci

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