$10 Lunch: La Granja
John Linn

$10 Lunch: La Granja

The deal: Nearly everything at this home-style Peruvian chicken chain costs under $10, especially at lunch, when prices are even lower.

What you get: A $3.50 lunch special offers a quarter roasted

chicken with fried plantains, yellow rice, and rich black beans. Tack

on a soda (an Inca Cola is perfect) for just $1 more. Steak palomilla

and thin, grilled chicken breast topped with onions are both under $10

as well.

We tried: The marinated, open flame grilled chicken is succulent

with crisp, flavorful skin. It's best when dipped into one of La

Granja's many Peruvian sauces, like green garlic sauce or a spicy red

one made with rocoto peppers. The

rice and beans are excellent, but some La Granjas will let you sub the

sides out for thick wedges of fried yucca or even salad. Everything

tastes fresh and homemade despite La Granja's being a chain. 

Bonus Points:

Most La Granjas have a basket by the counter with alfajores, a dry

Peruvian cookie filled with dulce de leche. They usually cost $1.50 and

are well worth it -- just make sure you have a drink handy.

La Granja

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