100 Favorite Dishes: #7: Beer Muenster Cheese Soup

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Since 1996 -- long before you could get a craft beer on almost any corner bar in the tri-county area -- Big Bear Brewing Co. has been serving up its microbrewed goodness to the residents of Coral Springs. It has also been dishing up some mighty delicious food. Sometimes, the brews find their way into the dishes.

Beer Muenster Cheese soup is basically the best grilled cheese you've

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ever had turned into a soup. There's really no better way to put it.

It's a pretty simple dish. The thick, cheesy soup is served in and

spills out of a crusty housemade bread bowl. Big Bear's Grizzly Red Ale

is a key ingredient and you can taste the hops, which keeps the muenster

from being overwhelmingly cheesy.

I personally recommend you pair the soup with the Kodiac Belgian Double. The soup is a thick, heavy dish and it

needs a strong beer to compete with it. You can order this as part of a

soup and salad combo, but you better bring your appetite. If you order

it before a meal, ask for two spoons and split it with a friend.

Soup might not seem like a first choice for a meal under the

sweltering South Florida sun, but on a dreary, gray afternoon in the

extremely low lit Big Bear dining room, it makes the ideal comfort food.

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