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100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Dishes: Chicharron Tacos from Tacos al Carbon

As a countdown to the Best of Broward Palm Beach 2010, coming in May, Clean Plate Charlie is serving up a hundred of our favorite dishes in South Florida. Send your own nominations to [email protected]

No. 98: Chicharron Tacos from Tacos al Carbon

Nearly everything served at the 24-hour Lake Worth taco institution known as Tacos al Carbon is stellar food. But the chicharron tacos take us somewhere special. A soft, hand-made corn tortilla is piled with crispy, tubular chunks

of deep-fried pig skin, then laced with onions, cilantro, and (upon

request) a mound of tomato and fresh, Mexican cheese (queso fresco).

How you eat it is your call - but I'm partial to getting the works,

then pouring on a healthy enough slosh of al Carbon's spicy-as-hell

orange salsa as to send my mouth into pleasurable shock. The crispy

bits of pork rind are amazingly satisfying to bite through due to the

hollow nature, like how breakfast cereal would be if it was made out of

meat and served by the Gods. And they're perfectly fried without being

greasy - and let's face it, a little grease after a midnight drinking

binge never hurt nobody. Yup, these little puppies are emblematic of

what makes honest, democratic Mexican "dining" so great: these artisan,

working class cooks have taken the stuff the privileged of the world

turn their nose up at, and transformed it, as if by magic, into eating

at it's finest.

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