100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Dishes: No. 3 -- Seared Wahoo from 3030 Ocean

As a countdown to the Best of Broward Palm Beach 2011, coming in June, Clean Plate Charlie is serving up a hundred of our favorite dishes in South Florida. Send your own nominations to [email protected]

No. 3: Seared Wahoo from 3030 Ocean

The amazing thing about Fort Lauderdale's 3030 Ocean is the deftness with which the restaurant puts local seafood and produce on display. Take the seared wahoo, 

for example. Wahoo is a glorious local fish, meaty and flavorful. The

problem is wahoo is lean, and where most chefs go wrong is in cooking

the thick filets until they clench up like angry fists. Not so at 3030

Ocean, where Dean Max and company prepare their local wahoo the true

Floridian way: seared lightly so the outside develops flavor, but

beautifully raw inside, so that the pristine, lean pink flesh can

really shine. The fleshy wahoo has a marvelous texture, like the very

best sashimi. And it's paired with a rotating array of accompaniments,

each highlighting the fish's strengths. You'll almost never get the

same preparation twice: Some nights, that translates to a summery

succotash of fresh Florida corn (in season, of course) and tender

spring peas. On others it means brown sugar carrot puree with green

mango salad. But there is always one certainty: it will be a fantastic


3030 Ocean.
3030 Holiday Dr., Fort Lauderdale

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