100 Favorite Dishes -- Number 51: Rotisserie Chicken from Publix

It's hard for me to understand why anyone pays $6 or $7 for a package of chicken breast in the meat section of the grocery store, when you can get the whole chicken -- already marinated and cooked -- for the same ding-dangled price! (In fact, I have scored a Publix chicken for $4.99 late in the day. I kid you not!) And it's always perfectly roasted, all tender and juicy.

Publix chicken --- it comes in BBQ, mojo, or lemon pepper flavors and it's all protein, zero carbs, little bit of fat (Livestrong says a serving is 180 calories) --  has

been there for you on countless nights when you didn't want to cook and would have succumbed to eating a box of ice cream for dinner. It's there for you when you're recuperating from surgery, your arm in a sling for six weeks, and can't cook for yourself. It's there for you when you've sent your kid to school with nothing but Cheerios and bananas for days -- Dice up some Publix chicken and soon all the teachers will be cooing, "Oooh, I want to have dinner at your house."   It's there for you when all that's left in the fridge is a sad bag of carrots; after you've eaten the drumsticks and the meat, you can throw the last chicken shreds in a pot with some noodles and chicken stock, and voila! -- chicken soup.  I am telling you, people -- Publix chicken is the Giving Tree of foods.

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