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100 Montaditos Chain Makes Foray Into Broward With Pembroke Pines Location

"I may have gone a bit overboard," I said as I arrived back at the table. I was carrying three massive plates of sandwiches and potatoes. Although, at 100 Montaditos, it's not difficult to find yourself ordering an unreasonable amount of food. I knew a montadito was a small Spanish sandwich, so who knew 13 of them would be too many?

100 Montaditos is part of a massive Spanish chain just now making its foray into the States, via South Florida. It's not your average American-style, self-service chain. Most chains do not have warmly-lit interiors complete with faux-wood beam ceilings, old European-style

chandeliers, and matching sconces. The wood-framed, alabaster natural stone tabletops are a stark contrast from the usual aluminum or Formica coverings in better Mexican and bakery-type fast food chains. The posh decor kind of threw us off and it took us a minute to figure out how the whole thing worked. Do we sit and wait? Do we order at the counter? We looked around. Hanging just over the register hung an elegant sign, "Order." I finally got it.

The menu is vast, a hundred montaditos to be exact. There are also some other accompaniments; spanish brava potatoes, a potato chip cone, olives, salads. "What do you want?" I asked my friend. "Just feed me", he said. With that, I settled on the Madrid Sampler, the Barcelona Sampler, the Spanish brava potatoes, and montadito No. 100, with duck mousse, minced olives, tortilla espanola, chorizo, and mojo picon. I scribbled it down on the small piece of paper provided in the menu caddy and walked up to the cashier. In all honesty, I had no idea what I had ordered. With a bottle of green tea to drink, the total amounted to $27.56; not bad for a meal that could most likely feed four.

The sound-level was a bit of a contrast to the softly decorated interior. Tile floors and high-ceilings do not lend themselves to low-pitched sounds. Luckily, it was a rainy day. There were a few business people popping in for lunch. The tone was subdued until an employee at the pick-up window decided to call over the loud speaker "Sara, Sara." That definitely got my attention. Apparently, my order was ready. And everyone in dining room was now on alert. Probably a necessity on busy weekend days.

They offer numerous specials throughout the week. Every Wednesday, everything sells for a dollar. Thursday are $1 sangrias and beers. Fridays are bucket specials, with two buckets of Mahou (a Spanish beer) for $15. Even without the specials, the place is cheap. It's probably a decent option for a cash-strapped date or a broke sandwich-loving college student.

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