15 Percent: A Blog About Bad Tippers

Larry Fox is a Brooklyn delivery person who got fed up about people giving him $80 for a $78 delivery order and telling him to "keep the change". Out of frustration, he started 15 Percent, a blog inviting service industry people to share their tipping horror stories.

As the site says, "15 Percent is a blog documenting people, and companies who have never seemed to work in the service industry, or don't think to tip at least 15% on deliveries, and instead opt for 2 dollars on everything. This is for all the people who have been handed $80 on a $78 order and told "keep the change". Thanks ass-hole".


15 Percent invites servers and delivery people to post their own stories about horrible tippers. Some stories are cringe-worthy, like:

"Took you 8 minutes exactly to come downstairs after two phone calls (14 stairs in a standard american stairwell) because you don't have a functional buzzer like everyone else in Brooklyn."

"Do not leave loose change on a bar unless the bartender gives it back to you as change. It's insulting. Imagine your paycheck came in dimes and nickels."

"Lorimer St. tipped me one dollar to bring him a sandwich during a hail/rain/thunder storm....I hate you."

The biggest gripes on the site? Not tipping Starbucks Barristas at least a buck for your Venti-doppio-extra-hot-soy-caramel-latte-with extra whip and tipping the delivery guy who goes out in the rain to bring you Chinese food so you can watch American Idol a measly two bucks (you should tip him at least 15%, according to blogger and deliver guy Fox).

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.