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19. Housemade Rosemary and Olive Oil Gelato at Tanzy

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19. Housemade Rosemary and Olive Oil Gelato at Tanzy

Separate from -- but adjacent to -- the luxurious iPic Theaters, this modern Italian restaurant draws visual and culinary inspiration from the Amalfi Coast and the rustic/upscale villas dotting its landscape. Open for roughly a month, Tanzy is part of Mizner Park's recent transformation (it's almost directly across from the new Yard House), and initial impressions are quite strong. 

While the restaurant's Parma bar and entrées will (and should) draw accolades, this lovely,    

savory-sweet, housemade gelato represents everything an ideal dessert can be: light, refreshing, and without regret. This is the dolci for anyone who loathes the question "Did you save any room for dessert?" as if sweets are a ham-fisted after-thought -- something that must be forced unwillingly down the gullet as opposed to a lovely postmeal signature that does nothing to weigh one down. (Props to late comedian Greg Giraldo for his take on the forcing-dessert issue.)

The gelato's taste is salty and light, and the accompanying beignets act as a fluffy medium with which to soak up the melting cream (trust that you will want to get every last drop). The sprig of fresh rosemary -- grown on the restaurant's outdoor patio herb garden -- is a lovely garnish but also helps to tie together the overall theme of this just-right morsel: Simple is better.  

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