2013 Best Burger: 3rd & 3rd in Delray Beach

With the rise of the gastropub, there are so many spectacular burgers to choose from in South Florida.

There's the oversized hunk of premium ground beef with the hot pink center and juice running down your arm. There's the gourmet Wagyu patty, smothered in aioli mayonnaise and caramelized onions with a side of poutine. There's even the flattened patty of the traditional American hamburger topped with two crinkle-cut pickles, a slice of American cheese, and a squirt of ketchup and mustard on a sesame-seed bun.

We love them all. We ate them all. We took some antacids, and we ate some more.

Finally, we chose one burger to rule them all.

Best Burger - 2013: 3rd & 3rd

Tucked away in a converted house on the outskirts of Delray Beach's Pineapple Grove is the juiciest, meatiest, most delicious burgers that can be found in South Florida. On the corner of NE Third Street and Third Avenue, the appropriately named 3rd & 3rd creates burger magic. A firm brioche bun cradles a perfectly seared patty of luscious beef with lettuce, tomato, onion, and choice of pepper jack, cheddar, Swiss, or blue cheese. Those ingredients alone make for the perfect burger. Add the balsamic red onion jam and you have yourself a match made in heaven.

Readers' Choice: Rok:Brgr Burger Bar & Gastropub

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.