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3 Sons Brewing Company Making a Run for Dania Beach

Dania Beach may soon become the source of the pumpkin spice latte beer you grew so fond of in the last couple of years.

Corey Artanis, one of the people behind 3 Sons Brewing Company, wants to establish a brewery in the Broward beachside community of roughly 30,000.

Artanis told New Times that his application to build a brewery in a commercial area will go before the Dania Beach Planning and Zoning Commission either this month or next.

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The first step is to re-zone where Artanis wants to put his brewery to an industrial space, since it will manufacture a product -- beer. Once that happens, the city still must approve the placement and construction of the brewery. It could be as soon as March, he said, although there is no telling.

Artanis said that he already signed a letter of intent with the property owner provided that the city moves forward with 3 Sons Brewing. If not, Artanis has a few other places in mind.

Artanis is not new to beer. His passion for home-brewing predates the South Florida craft beer movement since arriving here from Buffalo, New York almost eight years ago.

Originally, he came with the intention of becoming a firefighter. He was all ready to go after earning necessary certifications, including one for an emergency medical technician, but the economy tanked and he found himself in line with thousands of other applicants who wanted to do the same thing. That's when he decided to pursue a career in beer.

Eventually, 3 Sons' brew found itself pleasing the palates of the South Florida craft beer community after several showings at local festivals. Artanis said he came up with the idea of turning pumpkin spice latte into a beer from hearing nurses constantly talking about it at the hospital he worked at back in the day.

From making this unique flavor and also his barrel-aged beers, Artanis found himself with a small following that continues to grow. He says brewing is a lot like cooking.

"Just like any chef who likes to eat, I incorporate flavors I taste into my beer," he said.

Producing unorthodox flavors puts a brewer in the spotlight among others wishing to make a name for themselves in craft beer. He's already done a collaboration with Mack House brewer Justin Miles, brewing a star fruit pink peppercorn saison.

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Artanis said he is slated to appear next year at Cigar City Brewing's prestigious Hunahpu's Day in 2015.

The name of the brewery is inspired by Artanis' three sons, who are aged one, five, and six, and Artanis says that, someday, he'd like to pass along his brewery to one of his sons.

If all goes well in Dania Beach, Artanis intends to set up a crowd funding website to help pay for his brewing equipment, offering incentives to those who invest. Stay tuned.

"South Florida is becoming such craft beer destination," Artanis opined. "Why in the hell would anybody not want to come here?"

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