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3800 Ocean Opening Brings Dean Max Cuisine to Singer Island Marriott

​Chef Dean Max, who's already proven his ability to storm the beach with 3030 Ocean in Fort Lauderdale, is preparing the same sort of culinary experience for the northern set.

3800 Ocean at the Singer Island Marriott focuses on fresh seafood prepared under Max's expert eye. Though the restaurant opened -- very softly -- last weekend, he plans on a full launch in mid-March. 

"The menu will be very similar to 3030 Ocean," says Max, "but a notch down in price. We don't want to rely on just the Palm Beach crowd; we want people from West Palm to be able to come in, and not just for birthdays and anniversaries. There'll be a free valet, so you won't pay to park at the hotel."

Now is the time for Max to tweak and fine-tune the open kitchen, which allows for interaction between staff and guests. And like 3030 Ocean, 3800 is literally right on the beach and uses the same farm-to-table m.o., relying heavily on high-end local meat, fish, and produce.

The difference, as Max says, it the price of entrées. What may cost $35 at 3030 Ocean will go for less than $30 at the new locale.

The Marriott is still seeking servers, bartenders, food runners, pizza makers, and line cooks.

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Jeff Stratton
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