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4/20: Top Six Stoner Snack Creations

Happy April 20, readers! Why are we so happy to greet you on this most ordinary of Wednesdays? Because right at this very moment, thousands of potheads have their lighters poised at the ends of their joints in honor of 420 -- the pot smokers' holiday, which apparently originated from the time a group of pot-smoking San Rafael, California, high schoolers would meet back in the 1970s ("Meet me at 4:20, dude!").

Thanks to pop-culture references (and certainly not personal experience), we know that eating copious amounts of food is one of the more enjoyable stoner activities.

So for the sake of research, we polled a few of them.

Here are their favorite snack creations.

1. "The Munch-inator"

Ingredients: Frito-Lay brand Munchies dipped in cream cheese

According to one marijuana enthusiast, the mix of creamy and salty is perfect when a craving hits. But the fact that it's jokingly named after the very feeling he's experiencing makes it even more enjoyable.

2. "Have Your Cake and Eat It Too"

Ingredients: pound cake in a bowl with milk, ice cream, crumbled cookies, and whipped cream

This stoner says that the whipped cream is optional but a nice touch. Apparently there's something about pound cake and milk products that's just so satisfying.

3.  "Cheesy Goodness"

Ingredients: a grilled-cheese sandwich layered with queso dip and potato chips

This particular smoker currently resides in California and frequently advocates for the legalization of medical marijuana. It only makes sense that he is a habitual smoker himself. His response while eating this concoction? "Oh my God, so cheesy and delicious!"

4. "Meaty Taco"

Ingredients: several slices of deli-style roast beef and cheese slices, all wrapped around a fried chicken leg

According to this pothead, the combination of smooth meat and cheese wrapped around a crunchy chicken leg makes it the perfect "meaty taco." He also cautions the weak-stomached, saying it's "regrettable in the morning."

5. "Pearl in Seaweed"

Ingredients: white chocolate pretzels topped with spinach

This female smoker personally calls her creation "pearl in seaweed." The spinach should be literally heaped on top of the sweet pretzels. Why is this so delicious? "If you're asking me, clearly you've never had the munchies."

6. "Cheesy Doritos Supreme"

Ingredients: Entenmann's doughnuts with Doritos crushed together in a plastic bag

Apparently there is something about the crunchy and soft combination plus the sweet and salty. It's like the perfect creation for all palates.

And just in case you don't know what it feels like to have the munchies, here's a good visual.

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