68. Eggplant Meatballs From Bite GastroTruck

We're counting down to 68. Eggplant Meatballs from Bite GastroTruck

It would be too easy to name Bite GastroTruck chef/owner's burger in our list of favorite dishes. Besides, Kerr makes the most wonderful vegetarian-friendly sandwich on his food truck, we had to share this sleeper hit with the world -- if only as a public-service message to our many veggie-friendly friends who may feel as though they get the shaft in this meat-lovin' world of ours.

Chef Kerr mixes ground dry-roasted eggplant with parmesan cheese, rosemary, cumin, a little salt & pepper, and rolls them into balls of happiness.  The balls are flash fried, then cradled in a whole wheat pita before they're blanketed with cherry relish and tzatziki sauce. What would you give for a sandwich this craftily created? How about a wallet-loving five bucks!  We're seeing rainbows and unicorns as we chew!

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