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7-Eleven Giving Away Free Stuff for a Week Starting Friday: Slurpees, Twinkies, and More

We're all for finding deals around here, but what really gets us going is free stuff.

Burritos, burgers, iced coffees: We don't care what food item it is -- we'll down it (and love it) as long as there is no cost.

Tomorrow is 7-Eleven Day -- yep, that's a thing -- and to celebrate, the chain is kicking off an entire week (eight days, actually) of free junk food.

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The retailer is celebrating its birthday -- or just 7/11 -- with more than a week's worth of giveaways.

On Friday, all visitors are welcome to redeem a complimentary small Slurpee from 11 a.m. through 7 p.m., at participating locations as well as $1 quarter-pound Big Bites hot dog for $1 all day long.

To get in on deals for the rest of the week, you have to download the app, register, and scan the member barcode on your phone at checkout.

On Saturday, it's a gratis Big Gulp. M&M's brand birthday cake chocolate candies are complimentary on Sunday. Monday it's Grandma's Cookies. Tuesday it's Hostess Twinkies. Twix and Snickers ice cream bars are free on Wednesday. Thursday offers the healthiest option, with Quaker Chewy yogurt snack bars. Friday is Pillsbury cookies day. And Saturday, it's rounding out the week with another free small Slurpee.

So, pull out those bongs and head to your closest 7-Eleven store all week long.

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