75. Margherita Pizza From Tucci's Fire N Coal Pizza

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75. Margherita Pizza from Tucci's Fire N Coal Pizza

Tucci's is routinely cited by local pizza hounds as having some of the best pie in southern Palm Beach County, and we're not gonna argue with that. Many places jumped aboard the coal-fire bandwagon, but few do it as well as Tucci's, where they tell you without apology that "the char is flavor" and patience is required for your pie, which is made to order.

While the specialty pies like the bruschetta and eggplant -- and even the build-your-own option -- compete for our affections, it's the simple margherita that shows off the skill with which Tucci's prepares its crust: thin and chewy with just enough of that flavor-making char. Make it a meal by pairing it with a bottle of craft beer from the small but well-curated menu of brews.

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