100 Favorite Dishes

77. Pan Fried Farm Egg From Market 17

We're counting down to 77. Pan-Fried Farm Egg from Market 17

Put an egg on it, suggested Mark Bittman, in his "Everyday, Anytime, Egg Combination Generator," in the New York Times Magazine this weekend. Indeed, we agree, having written about eggs on our burgers, in our cocktails,  and as breakfast served in a myriad of ways.

At Market 17,  fried egg is so fresh the yolk is still orange: No surprise, as it's sourced from Marando Farms. Then it's paired with fresh-from-the-farm ingredients: a cheese-laden parsnip purée is a spin on polenta, or a bed of grits. Brussels-sprout leaves and sugar snaps serve as the green midlayer.  Bites of crispy pork belly garnish the plate. It's a nod to breakfast that anchovy butter, and Meyer lemon make more lusty and refined.

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