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A New Way To Brew Coffee: South Florida-Based Immerset Launches Kickstarter

There's a new Kickstarter in town, and coffee lovers, you'll want to listen up. A South Florida-based entrepreneur has developed a new way to brew java using several methods in-one to create what he terms the "perfect cup of coffee."

A sort of serial inventor, West Palm Beach's Chic Kelty told Clean Plate Charlie he's designed and created dozens of coffee-related products during the course of his career, including one for a company known as Tambaroo making the "French Kiss," a silicone filter for use with a standard French press that helps make brewing more functional, less messy -- and better tasting. The need for a product like the French Kiss got Kelty thinking: what if I made a product that would deliver the best of each brewing method in one? What he created is a new brewing method known as Immerset.

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Kelty's new brewing method combines the two best brewing methods -- french press and pour over -- all in one easy-to-use device, allowing users to custom craft a cup of coffee by deciding the grind density and flow rate, to grind immersion time. The design is also perfect for loose-leaf tea, and allows the water to drain completely between cups to avoid bitterness. All this, said Kelty, makes it possible to create the "best cup of coffee or tea possible."

Why? With French press brewing, the prolonged immersion of the coffee between cups can result in bitterness and degradation of flavor. Meanwhile, pour over and cold-brew methods may allow for more customization, which can achieve a more refined taste, but fine-tuning the process is tricky and inconsistent.

To solve the problems presented by each method, Kelty created Immerset, a brewing method that brings the technique and ritual of preparing a custom cup of coffee to the home brewer.

"People who use an instant coffee machine like Nespresso, or a standard drip coffee pot, miss out on the whole ritual and concept of preparing coffee," said Kelty. "They can't use fresh-ground beans and pick a grind, or try different styles and techniques to brew. I wanted something that would make these things easy and possible for use in the home, and even commercially."

Kelty envisions Immerset being used in restaurants and bars -- as well as local coffee shops -- where patrons will be able to order fresh-brewed cups of craft coffee and specialty coffee drinks. The idea of expanding restaurant menus with a list of made-to-order coffee drinks could bring the coffee bar or coffee shop experience to your favorite watering hole or dinner spot, he added. Each Immerset will be priced affordably at $45.

To bring his product to life, Kelty has enlisted the help of Kickstarter. To do so, he must first raise $40,000 in funds to develop packaging, marketing and complete a first-run production. The product will be 100% American-made, as per Kelty's desire to encourage and support U.S.-based manufacturing. A pledge of $35 or more will get you your very own Immerset, with an estimated delivery of May 2014.

Visit the Immerset Kickstarter page. For more information, visit the Immerset website, and like them on Facebook.

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