A Perfect Pair

This pretty matched set of cupcakes, one chocolate, one vanilla, and both with the most ethereal pink cream icing, comes from a place you wouldn't ordinarily think to buy your baked goods. But after you've tried on many lucite bangles and pillbox hats, bought a ruby-colored patent leather handbag to match those adorable kitten-heel pumps, and come to the sad recognition that a size 8 in 1952 was a good deal smaller than the 8s hanging in your closet, the goodies are waiting for you in cramped little kitchen at the rear of this 1920s house.

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House of Sweets

123 S. Swinton Avenue,

Delray Beach


Michelle Parparian and Amanda Watkins have transformed a 1920s Florida cottage into a vintage clothing store with a cupcakery in their rear kitchen. Along with these deliriously cloudlike cupcakes ($1.75), they produce small, dense, heart-shaped brownies ($1 each), and vanilla sugar cookies with royal icing in dozens of different shapes and themes. Call ahead if you want specialty cupcakes like Black Forest, Red Velvet, carrot, chocolate mint, strawberry shortcake, lemondrop, or orange creamsicle. These marvelous mavens plan to open a full-service café in July, so all gratifications will soon be instantaneous.

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