After-Hours Eats: Big City Tavern's Chef Louie Bossi

I've been perusing Las Olas wine and cheese shops lately as well as ducking into bars and restaurants down the stretch. I'm curious as to how the strip will turn itself into a holiday extravaganza on November 29, perhaps because I've never spent the season in 84 degrees.

Big City Tavern is among the restaurants I've been sampling, such as the other day's lunch of grilled ham and mascarpone with a fried egg and roasted tomatoes, hold the pesto and Hollandaise. Those last two condiments? Come on now -- that's near obscene.

As a follow-up, I've asked chef Louie Bossi, Queens native and Big Time Restaurant Group alum since 1995, where he goes when he's off the clock.

Havana in West Palm Beach
Bossi likes fried pork with pickled onions, though yellow rice, black beans, and

plantains are his favorite. Having a 24-hour walk-up window makes this a go-to spot for after-shift eats.

NYPD in Boynton Beach
"This is my neighborhood

pizzeria," he said, "where I have my own personal table, and me and my family eat

there regularly. Best pizza: fuhgeddaboudit!"

Sweet Tomatoes in Boynton Beach

"We go here when we need to eat

right," he said, for "farm-fresh vegetables, organic soups and breads, and of course

the Eddy's frozen yogurt."

Golden Coral in Boynton Beach

"My little boys love this place. And let's leave it at that."

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