Alert Energy: Caffeinated Gum To Launch in April

So you drank too much and stayed out far too late last night and now you have an important presentation scheduled for first thing in the morning. Sucks to be you (although we've been in the same boat far too many times).

Panicking, you pop a few aspirin and down an entire pot of coffee.

You're feeling better but your breath smells like the bottom of a Nespresso machine that hasn't been cleaned for a year.

Frantically spraying your yap with Binaca, you wish that someone would invent a product that could wake you up and make you smell all minty fresh at the same time!

Well, gum legend Wrigley has heard your plea. The makers of all-things minty and chewy is launching Alert Energy Caffeine Gum this April.

The gum, which has its own website, will come in two flavors -- mint and fruit (we know...we know..we were expecting Arctic morning and orange-you-glad-you're-awake instead of these generic names).


piece of sugar-free gum will contain about 40 milligrams of caffeine.

That's about the same kick you'll get in a half cup of coffee. The gum

will sell for about $2.99 for an eight-piece pack.

It's cheaper

than Starbucks and sounds like an essential new item to go into our

"morning after" kit for that walk-of-shame home. Besides, a latte tucked away in your knapsack is just too messy.

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