America's Next Top Model: Greek Salad Edition (Photos)

Why don't they just change the name of this show to Humiliation in Bikinis?

We admit that we sometimes watch America's Next Top Model. It's usually on a rainy hungover Saturday when there's a marathon of an entire season. We're not proud of this behavior, but admitting a problem is the first step in fixing it.

We've watched in horror as these models are instructed to swim in freezing water, walk on skyscraper ledges, dance with aborigines, and crawl like animals....all while wearing underwear or bikinis and trying to be as beautiful as Tyra Banks thinks she is.

So, far, we don't recall the models actually posing as food...until now.


Greece, the contestants are asked to hop into a giant Greek salad

(complete with chunks of feta cheese the size of an infant) and douse

themselves with olive oil. No kidding! 

Want proof?  Here are some photos. We've gotta go - the Toddlers and Tiaras Marathon starts in 15 minutes.

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