Amy's Baking Company is Casting for a Reality Show (Video)

Attention all south Florida servers and bussers who love the heat but can't stand the humidity and are thinking of moving to Arizona: Amy's Baking Company is now hiring.

If the name of the Scottsdale restaurant sounds familiar, it's because Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, the owners of Amy's Baking Company, gained infamy by being the most bat-shit crazy people ever to appear on Kitchen Nightmares. Let's put it this way: When you out-curse potty-mouthed, verbally abusive Gordon Ramsay you're either highly skilled in discourse or you're in need of a Thorazine drip and a padded room.

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But, as they say, crazy sells and people will do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame, which explains the post on Amy's Baking Boutique & Bistro's Facebook Page:

We are currently hiring/casting servers and bussers for the upcoming filming of our Reality TV show! Applicants please send your resume and head shot, or current photo to amysbakingco@gmail.com.

Of course, if you've seen the Kitchen Nightmares episode (and if you didn't the entire episode is below so you can catch up), you know that servers are subjected to language not usually found outside of a Navy ship.

It also looks like Amy needs some help in the kitchen, so if you're an experienced line cook or baker, you might be interested in the following positions:

We are currently hiring experienced line cooks to assist with the overwhelming public demand.We are offering $16.00 per hour for professional line cooks .As well as $5.00 per hour plus tip pool for experienced servers.Applicants can show up during business hours with a resume.We do not accept phone calls for these positions, assistant baker (to Amy) starting at $12.00.approximately 30•40 hours per week.

Here's a little preview of what you're in store for, should you decide to submit your resume for consideration:

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