And You Thought Twitter Was Worthless: Buy-One-Get-One Tickets to the Miami International Wine Fair

When Facebook started gobbling up MySpace users, you were one of the first to jump ship. These days, your Twitter account has hundreds of followers and you update your status bi-hourly (4 minutes ago: I remembered why I used to love Captain Crunch so much as a kid). Well now all that social networking is paying off. That's because this weekend and as well as the following one, Facebook and Twitter users can secure their tickets to the Eighth Annual Miami International Wine Fair for essentially half off. Here's how: On August 8 and 9, Twitter users that follow @TreskoiPR can purchase tickets at at a special buy-one-get-one-free rate by entering "TWEET" in the discount code box. Tickets are normally going for $75, so that's half off if you plan on having someone else tag along with you as you sample the over 1,500 wines that will be at the fair. Facebook users aren't left out either: friend users Wine Fair or Treskoi PR on August 15 or 16 and enter the discount code of "FACE" at checkout to get the same B.O.G.O. deal. For wine lovers who also happen to be social networking gurus, this is a phenomenal deal. Even for technophobes, it's a deal that's pretty much worth joining the online revolution over. Since proceeds go towards Educated Tomorrow, a non-profit assisting Miami youth who are aging out of the foster care system, it's a chance to do some good by swigging wine for a day or two.

The fair takes place September 26 through 27 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. 

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John Linn