Annie's Buying Club: Get Fresh Organic Produce Delivered!


Have you ever gone to the produce section of your grocery store and instead of seeing bright, fresh fruits and vegetables all you got were ones that were limp, soft and old?

Well, thanks to Annie's Buying Club you can get locally grown organic fruits and vegetables shipped on a regular basis to a designated pick-up location. With over 75 locations from Tallahasse to Key West, there's bound to be one near you.

You may have heard horror stories about other buying clubs not allowing you to skip weeks, charging a ton, or basically sending you a box of crap you've never even heard of before. But Annies Buying Club strives to make the experience as convenient and pain free as possible.

You can get a shipment weekly, or bi-weekly and you can choose which type of "box" to recieve. For example, you can get a whole box (an assortment of the weeks freshest fruits and veggies), a half box (containing much of what's in the 'whole box' just less of it), fruits only, the combinations are endless.

And it doesn't stop there. They even give you the option to add on things like milk, eggs, cheese, fresh herbs, and salad mix. You know what that means right? Less trips to the grocery store!  With blueberries alone costing 2.99lb, Annie's prices ranging from $45 - $20 seems like even more of a deal than before I looked at this week's Publix sale ad.

Get something you don't recognize in your shipment this week? Annie's Buying Club also includes recipe booklets with each order that are customized to the items in your box. They really have thought of everything.

The best part? You can log in to your online account and change, add or cancel part or all of your order at any time.

Vist www.anniesbuyingclub.com for more information or to sign-up for your first shipment.


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