Anthony Bourdain: Host of the Travel Channel's New Foodie Show 24-Hour Layovers

This is one layover you definitely won't mind waiting for. And, if you're lucky, it will be coming to a South Florida airport near you.

In 24-Hour Layovers, Anthony Bourdain really will have no reservations about where he goes, what he eats -- or how he does it since agreeing to partner with the Travel Channel for yet another foodie travel show, one he hopes will be easier for followers and fans to emulate. 

It's been reported the No Reservations film crew will be traipsing around after the world-wise foodie again, this time as Bourdain makes his way through a city while waiting for his layover flight. 

Think just as raucous as No Reservations, but possibly a little more useful -- and slightly more interesting. The best three words to describe it: faster, more caffeinated and obnoxious -- of course -- at least when comparing it to his current show, Bourdain himself has said. 

Recently, Bourdain posted this musing to summarize 24-Hour Layovers

"You can say that we are deliberately tackling a tired and well worn format for the sheer challenge of seeing if we can make it interesting and possibly even useful. We are well aware that many of the meals and experiences on No Reservations are, frankly, impossible to duplicate...Unlike No Rez, you will actually be able to do the stuff covered on the show. And unlike other shows of the genre, you might actually want to."

So don't say we didn't warn you when he comes through by way of Fort Lauderdale or Miami.

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