Anthony Bourdain Is a Cartoon Character... Again

Anthony Bourdain will guest-star as famous TV food dude Anthony Gourmand in an upcoming episode of Nickelodeon's

Sanjay and Craig

slated to air sometime in 2015.

In the episode, Craig becomes obsessed with Anthony Gourmand, the host of a television series called Foodventurer. Sanjay and Craig meet Gourmand at the Frycade, where the fictional TV star is seeking out the "ultimate food." Of course, things get out of hand when Gourmand turns out to want to eat Craig, who happens to be a talking snake.

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Bourdain seems to relish the role, saying, "On this episode of Sanjay and Craig I play Anthony Gourmand, a character not too different than myself, but more maniacal, who arrives with his travel and food show in search of the ultimate food in the little town of Lundgren."

This isn't the first time the chef/author/television personality has ventured into the cartoon world. In 2011, Bourdain guest-starred on The Simpsons and played a doctor on Yo Gabba Gabba!, where he looked quite uncomfortable (and a little creepy).

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