Anthony Bourdain's CNN Show Parts Unknown Premieres April 14

Follow Anthony Bourdain on Twitter and you'll find the man has no need for a PR rep.

The chef, author, and television personality Tweets his own whereabouts and successes with as much skill as any seasoned hired gun.

Recently, Bourdain has peppered his Tweets with pictures from some of his adventures filming his new CNN show, Parts Unknown. By what we've seen, look for episodes set in Democratic Republic of Congo,Libya, Rangoon, and Peru.

The hour-long show will air on Sundays at 9 p.m., starting April 14. The show takes Bourdain and his crew to areas of the world still untraveled to explore the food and dining rituals of the area. Tony will also interact with local people.

If it sounds a lot like No Reservations to you, you're not alone -- we think so too.

The first show has Tony and friends in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, to eat the cuisine and discover the beauty of a country that for years has been off-limits to outsiders.

What we're looking forward to the most (and what sets Parts Unknown apart from No Reservations) is the interactive component of the show.

Bourdain himself will be tweeting from the @partsunknownCNN Twitter account, and during each show, viewers are invited to go to the live blog at CNN.com/partsunknown and join in the conversation using the #PartsUnknown hashtag.

Knowing how much Tony likes to use social media, we'll tune in -- iPhone in hand.

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